Why eIL?

We insist kids to be a Creator, Inventor or Maker instead of to be a user only

electrogamic means

electroNICS + gamE +LOGic

What's new in eIL?

Without any technical knowledge the kid uses electronics tools and devices at very first day like experts in our institute

At a glance

They appeal to both kids and adults

Young children and people with no technical knowledge can put together basic circuits for robotics and engineering projects


We come with international awards winning products and always preferred standard & useful products for our lab.

Do you know?

We spend more than 7.5 hours with technological devices every day, yet most of us don't know how they work or how to make our own

To be proud or not...?

Our country is known for its brain power in the entire world.But for new inventions and usage of technologies we are far away from the


Specific disciplines
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.
The successes of Apple and Steve Jobs

We are for everyone

Artists & Designers
Really it is for everyone

In our eIL lab

Kids learn following thins

Identity of electronic component with its working pattern, function and usage like-
Light, Sound, IR and Pressure Sensor
Remote Control and Wireless Communication
LED Light and Light Rope
Various Switches, Dimmers and Controls
Logic Gates, Timer, etc...
How to make circuits and Understanding of Inputs & Outputs, How to connect different circuits with each other, Creative crafting and arts, How to make different, new and useful things, Learn programming, Logic development activities and games, Find a way in critical situation, Energy saving and its importance, Learn lessons and Make projects designed by NASA, How to make useful projects which can be used in real life And many things...

Kids make following things

Control Computer with Fruits
Pencil Drawing Remote Control for PC Gaming
Designe Own Video Game for PC
Blinking Light
Home Security System
Remote Controlled Car
Light Sensitive Alarm
Sound Activated Device
Build a Robot
Pressure Activated Circuit
Water Tank Over Flow Indicator
And many things...