electogamic = electronics + game + logic

Give practical education of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in a gamming and artistic way to your little one. You can get this kind of education in "electogamic Invention Lab" because the base of the invention lab is 'STEM' education. In electogamic Invention Lab we provide learns while play to your child.

Electogamic means electronics + game + logic

Young children and people with no technical knowledge can put together basic circuits for robotics and engineering projects.

Without any technical knowledge the kid uses electronics tools and devices at very first day like experts in our institute. The little one makes new things by applying their creativity and innovative ideas with electronics in our lab.

Electricity is such an important element of modern life and society, but few people understand how it works and what it does.

In our institute we use little bit blocks for making circuits. The blocks snap together and can be used to create little electric grids to power small light-emitting diodes and run a small motor or engine-or just about anything your imagination can power up.

You can quickly build circuits and easily, add them to other projects where you want inputs and outputs.

They appeal to both children and adults.

Make your kid as an inventor or a creator not a user only.

We expose their innovative idea in front of the world and give them a global identity.