Why “electrogamic Invention Lab”?

1) First time in India
2) eIL is 100% committed to your success!
3) Zero technical or teaching experience needed
4) A unique concept, never before
5) More than 15 years Experienced and Expert Faculties


Less than 0.01% students are taking this kind of training. So there is more than 99.99% students are waiting for us.

Who can be a NEO associate?

1. Those who are interested in children’s education and growth
2. Those who want to do something for society
3. Those who want to be a part of development of nation
4. Those who want name and fame
5. Those who fulfill our requirements
6. Hard workers
7. Ethical educators
8. Schools or Colleges
9. Those who loves technology
10. Those who peasant about innovation invention
11. Those who want to be something different
12. Anyone who want to do something new and creative

Center Requirements

An eIL Lab require administration office, a classroom with seating arrangement of at least 15 students and a toilet facility is preferred. Space around 300 to 500 square feet (Minimum).
- An office with computer having seating arrangement of three visitors
- Class room with seating arrangement of at least 15 students with student friendly environment
- A waiting room for parents and visitor with seating arrangement
- A toilet facility
- Whiteboard
- Office stationeries
- Telephone and internet connection with 1 MB download speed
- Min. 5 computers with LAN (Minimum)
- A color printer
- Well equipped with technical tool and devices (Depends upon course chosen)
- Qualified Teacher and Staff

Course Instructor/Tutor

Any graduate can be a course instructor/tutor. He/She should clear our formal interview. The interview’s objective is to test person’s attitude and interest in kids’ education (DE/BE EC/IC/CE/IT/MCA/M.Sc./B.Sc. candidate is preferred).


The person having good communication skills for handling inquiries and potential to communicate with eIL management, students and parents is suitable for the post of a counselor (Female candidate is preferred).


We will provide Teaching and Management Trainings to our eIL Office.

If eIL associate wants to take training at their own city then they have to pay the traveling (To and Fro) expense as well as the accommodation expense for our trainers.
For outside India they have to provide sponsor documents and pay for visa process for our trainers along with the traveling (To and Fro) and accommodation expense.

For more details kindly call us for personal meeting