Why we start the "electrogamic Invention Lab"?

During the two decades of journey in the field of technology and kids education; we observed that each and every kid comes with full of latent talent. We need to just uncover it. They have very creative ideas, imagination and visualization power, greater sense of computation, full of logics, better understanding ability than the adults. In short they are blessed by almighty god if we give just proper guidance, right training and suitable environment to them; they can change the future of future. We believe that they have the power of almighty.

Our little one is full of creativity but he/she doesn't have enough knowledge about technology, to fill the gap we provide suitable and joyful environment like playing games with toys, proper training and guidance to the kids about how the technology works, how to use the technology with their creativity for making new and useful things for us.

In our institute we insist kids to be a creator, inventor or maker instead of to be a user only.

Every day we hear about new inventions and technology, day by day our world is wrapped with very new and innovative technologies if we fail to understand the new trend and technology then it might be difficult for us to survive in the technological Jungle and this frequently changing era. We spend more than 7.5 hours with technological devices every day, yet most of us don't know how they work, or how to make our own. This is our generous try to give the noble education to your beloved not only to uses the technology but to build innovative society by using it. Let's start "Discovery of Inventor"